Thursday, 29 November 2012

When My Mom Says ‘NO!’

Ever wondered what goes through your toddlers mind when something..or for that matter anything is told to him. Especially a negative message is deciphered more accurately than the positive one. And the idea of non compliance is more like a reflex and then very cautiously stretched to a testing measure.                          

I am humming my favorite rhyme in my head and trying to stack those blocks that may resemble some building I might have seen in my book? London bridge.. yes that’s what it is and may be my rhyme would suit along the structure as well… London bridge is falling down.. falling down… falling down… my fair lady… Lady? Why is a lady on the London bridge… ??? may be she is leaning over the bridge that is so high which mom says can be dangerous. But then mom finds everything dangerous around me…Hmm…. Mom I wonder who is she talking to over that phone?

May be I’ll try to throw the block away and gain her attention and she would be right here beside me… heheh… yes that’s what I think I’ll do .. I can build the bridge later… here goes the green block.. n the yellow one and yet another orange block.. on the count of three… one.. two … three.. 

Heheheh Bingo!!... I know it’s not for throwing after being told so many times but now I also know when you say NO.. I have to do it coz it gets you to me..

Let me push my friend off his scooter will mom’s reaction will be the same as before for throwing the blocks…lets check it out.. here I go…

Hmm... I know mom and maybe you are right… I shouldn’t be hurting my friend like that… but then how come other children get to play like that?

I am not sure how the linking and deciphering of thoughts are processed in their young minds but it does happen rapidly… absorbing every word, action, counter action, expression, vibes.. practically everything that comes their way… so as to form a bank of thoughts and actions to be carried out later in every appropriate or rather inappropriate situation. All we can do is keep filtering our words and actions though we may run out of them coz their young minds are racing to outsmart ours.

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