Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Single Wish..

There is a slight chill in the morning air as I step out into the balcony of my house to fill my lungs with some fresh air. It’s December already. The time feels to be slipping out of our hands. My thoughts were wavering and vaguely I recalled my dream last night. I remembered having a conversation with the Almighty. But one thing, which I remember clearly was His question, which froze all my thoughts. The question was– “What will it be that one single gift that I would want for my son from Him?
I don’t remember what I replied but now I wanted an answer.
The power of this question was so much that the whole day I could not put my mind to rest. If I wish for him to live forever, will my son be happy to be in this world when all his companions are no more? If I wish for him to be enormously rich, will that ensure an everlasting happiness in his life? If I wish for him to be the most intelligent person, will that also mean that he will use his intelligence for the right cause? I doubted. I was just unable to put my finger on what one thing I want for my son. It was very shocking for me and made me feel very low.
It really haunted me for a complete day but somehow I realized that if it is about a single wish then it must be a gift of virtue. But then came even a bigger question – “Which one virtue do I wish for my son?” I shared my concerns with my better half, who had equal interest in the end results of the wish. He thought and thought and said that it was a very tricky question. I knew that even he was not sure about the answer.
These days all my questions sooner or later get directed to “Google”. So here I was sitting with my laptop and my first search was for a complete list of virtues. I browsed and finally I came across a list of 120 virtues. There may be many more around in this world but I thought let me focus on these to select one amongst them. I went through the list multiple times to read about all the virtues and understand their significance in my sons life. Finally I made my decision.
My decision
I closed my eyes and called my inner God to tell him my decision. “God thank you for granting me one wish, I wish for my son to be COMPASSIONATE
Why compassion?
During my research I came across a very interesting fable, which helped me in deciding. It goes like this.
A devout clergyman sought every opportunity to impress upon the mind of his son the fact that God takes care of all his creatures.
Compassion personified: a statue at the
Epcot center in Florida
Happening, one day, to see a crane wading in quest of food, the good man pointed out to his son the perfect adaptation of the crane to get his living in that manner. "See," said he, "how his legs are formed for wading! What a long slender bill he has! Observe how nicely he folds his feet when putting them in or drawing them out of the water! He does not cause the slightest ripple. He is thus enabled to approach the fish without giving them any notice of his arrival." . . .
"Yes," replied the boy. "I think I see the goodness of God, at least so far as the crane is concerned. But after all, father, don't you think the arrangement a little tough on the fish?"
Source: Book - What's God Got to Do with It?
Dalai Lama XIV considers compassion as a necessity for human survival and also very rightly said that; “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”. And this is the kind of happiness I wish for my son.
After all my research, I had some intellectual/philosophical discussions with my friends on this topic. A fact, which clearly came out in all the discussions, was that all the virtues will automatically fall in place if a person is compassionate. Thank you my dear friends for giving a thumbs up for my choice of virtue.
How to make my wish come true?
I feel by making me understand what is important for my son, God has already granted me this wish. It’s now just on us, how we can inculcate and nurture it in the young mind. As a first step it’s me who has to practice compassion.
A small question for you
Have you thought of that one single wish you would ask God for your sons and daughters? Please share your thoughts

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  1. *** (James 4:3) You ask for something but do not get it because you ask for it for the wrong reason-for your own pleasure.

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