Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Teacher Teacher Of Them All!!

Vivaan and Palaash.. ready for school

When my son started with his school last year, he took quite some days to adjust and would cry daily. He would insist on me to be there with him. His main fear was an absence of someone who would stand for him and protect him. I then assured him that at school, teachers are just like his parents and they will always be there to help and protect him. And soon his fears got settled and his trust in school got established.

What happened in the US at Sandy Hook Elementary School, is shocking. I still can’t envisage that such calamities are even possible. It’s a fact that the most dangerous predator on this earth is human being. What was his childhood like? What triggered him to do something like this? Analyzing these abnormal behaviors are not easy and even I don’t intend to do the same. After this incident one more fact has become absolutely clear that the strongest protector in this world is also a human being.

To give our life for own family comes naturally to us, but to become a human shield for someone else is nothing less than a Godly act. The teachers didn’t think about their own families for a moment and it’s their presence of mind, which saved many young lives.

Teachers were given the status equal to God in our ancient literature but over time this has got diluted. The relationship between teacher and student I feel is not only limited to the knowledge imparted in form of a fixed syllabus. Teachers are the role models for the kids and frame their mindset for future.

I have come across many parents who talk unkindly about their teachers or school in front of the kids. How will our kids ever respect someone if we don’t? The time might have changed and the world has really developed but let these not hamper our respect for the teachers. If you have any issues with the school, then sort it on your own, don’t let it impact your kid’s trust towards his teachers.

Also there is no denying to having bad instances as well about teachers but lets not generalize. Let our young ones start this new bond with complete trust in both teachers and parents because this may help in completely eradicating juvenile crimes from the society.

Would just conclude this post by quoting Kabir, one of the greatest poets of his time.
In the classroom :)

“Guru Govind dou khade, kake laagu paay! Balihaari guru aapano, Govind diyo bataay!!”
(Means: That in case both God and Teacher are standing, who’s feet will you touch first? Its has to be Teacher, because without the Teacher I would have never been able to recognize God)


  1. I loved the Kabir's Doha.
    Teacher's definitely have been impacts in all our lives. Even after many many years, we remember our school teachers. I have a nice poem given to me by someone, I will share it with you. It is about how the kids learn from observing their mom. I feel, it also applies for the teachers.

  2. Hi Poornima.. Will appreciate if you share the mentioned poem with us. Thanks for writing on our blog :)