Thursday, 31 January 2013

9 months

painting 1
One thing which is common among all the mothers is that each have their unique pregnancy stories and they are always willing it to share. Through this post I want to share mine. My quirky friend is also in the process of penning hers which we will be posting soon.

The story actually starts when already one month has pass by and you have only 8 months remaining to do all your research and preparations to welcome a new you (life). Those two magical lines on the home pregnancy test kit are like your tickets for the journey ahead. Tears rolled down at the same time my face beamed with excitement. I have been waiting it to be positive on the very first test. I share this news with my better half. He was equally overjoyed, completely in loss of words.

I called my gyno to ask what's to be done now, wondering how babies were born without any medical assistance. He read the excitement in my voice and suggested I can visit him whenever I am free so that he can run some more tests to confirm. I was the first patient that day at his clinic.

It took a day for all the results to come and confirm what we knew. And with that confirmation the world around us changed in a fraction of second. We got a new perspective towards life. I would be soon called "mommy". The thought was super thrilling. My husband from that day on literally watched each step I took in front of him. Our side of families got the 'good news' and we were handed a complete lists of do’s and don'ts. Their excitement levels almost touched the sky. We also shared this news with our very close friends. All made us feel very special.

At the start of my pregnancy I was working but some complications led me to leave my work and be at home all the time. I anyways had planned to leave all my professional work before the birth of my child so I was not saddened. I gathered so much of material and read every possible piece of writing on pregnancy. My gynaecologist would joke that am I planning a career in this.

Just around when I was into the third month, I had to be hospitalized for some serious complication. In just this short period the attachment with the little baby inside me had grown so much that just a mere thought of losing was life shattering. Fortunately my gynaec could handle the situation and in a month’s time all of it got sorted.

On our friend's suggestion we attended a day's workshop at an ashram near Lonavala on communicating with the baby and imparting good values before birth. This workshop was the best thing I did during my pregnancy. It helped me to stand and survive through the hard times.

All through my pregnancy, I voraciously read almost anything which came in my hand. I made my own playlist of favourite songs which I would listen day in and day out. My objective through all this was to stay calm and expose my child to these things before his birth. May be that's the reason that my son who is now 3 years old is so fond of reading and still sleeps with the music on. For him these things became his pacifiers. Also the whole time I was aware that now apart from God, it’s my baby inside who is feeling and watching over me with all his senses working at their best.

Then came the toughest time. On one of my regular visits to my gynaec, he found some major irregularities. I was shattered. Nothing could have been done then. We just had to wait and watch. My husband insisted that I practice my meditation which I had learned at the workshop. He helped me to believe strongly that everything is perfect. And I know once you believe in something strongly, and then nothing can change it. Many times I would breakdown completely but he became my pillar of strength. And miracles do happen. After 2 months of turmoil suddenly one fine day. It got all ok. My gynaec was shocked too.

As I was home bound most of the time, I decided to make some paintings. This was my first stint with colours but I felt this will channelize my energies. So we got 2-3 big canvasses and some assortment of colours. My husband also joined with me. We made 3 paintings, one of which still adorns my gynec's consulting room and one our living room.

painting 2
Towards the end my mom in law came to be with us at the time of birth. Her presence gave us lots of moral support and helped in calming down our increasing anxieties.
The amount of pampering done during pregnancy by all around me was overwhelming. The warm smiles of strangers when we were out, the care and concerns of your friends are unforgettable.

And finally just a week before the expected day, my son was born all set to see the world with his own eyes now.

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  1. Pratima, I simply loved the paintings. Your creativity is awesome in all aspects of life. No doubt it has rubbed on to everyone in your life.
    These lil wonders coming into our lives has been the best miracle for me too. I cannot imagine life without Aruja.
    Complicated pregnancies can be so scary, I can imagine. Every little setback leads us into the recesses of negativity but, some force also pulls us out of all this. May be it is the intense desire to see our child being allright in whatever way possible. I understand it was a difficult journey for your quirky friend too. I think you treasure your kids all the more because of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Finally, I would like to add a special "Kudos" to the mothers who bring up special children. It seems to me they would eed to bring out so much positive within themselves to rear these beautiful children.