Thursday, 10 January 2013

Home Coming

Phew!! What a relief it is to be back at last after all the Christmas and New Years celebrations spent at home away from home. Hometown is all I mean here. The sight of the sweets and cakes gives the heejeebeejeetees...all the sand and surf and the tan makes you tired just at the thought of it. And the chores before and after Christmas celebrations sounds back breaking. All the midnight dancing in those killer stilettoes makes your knees weak now.. And you feel you have survived through it all. 
Wow.. So much for holidays!  
No sooner did we step in our own home than we were all drenched in our pet's saliva who for sure missed us the most than anyone else. All the wagging and whining and licking makes you say... 'Yes we are back'... It was even more amusing to see how much my little tot missed home. The first thing he did he grabbed his scooter and scurried along the whole house and drank in the whole atmosphere of the place. All he mustered was  'yay'. How the little minds make their worlds and feel alienated if taken away even if for a bit. Its the predictability that is the comfort area. They know the routine they know what follows next that settles them. At the dinner table he ate as if he hadn't had his fill in months. And I knew where it came from. Its the sense of belonging. His room, his toys, his pets... his little cocoon he has created that is this place. Absorbing as much as his tiny eyes could (which were drooping by now) he lay on his bed and with a little yawn asked me to read "The Gruffalo's Child", I heard him snoring only as I finished reading the first page. 
Home is where heart is... Fitted just perfectly at the end of the holidays.


  1. Hi Pratima,

    I could picturize Viv doing all this as I read through your post. I would say even for the adults, home is where the heart is. A place where you can just be yourself. Nice one.

    1. Hey Poornima,
      yes you know him pretty well now. Thank you for liking it.