Monday, 29 October 2012

Me.. Now and Then

Me 1

Friday, 2012 7 a.m.

Rise and Shine. I open my eyes to the serene morning and turn my gaze to my son sleeping next to me. Last working day of the school for the week. The excitement is bubbling in anticipation of the weekend we have planned ahead of us. We both finish our morning rituals to rush to school. On my drive back, the car radio blared “Tu hi re tere bina main kaise jiyun…. “. Immediately I was pulled back in nostalgia. It was my all time favorite song. It puts a smile on my face thinking how it meant so different some years ago and now. I get the same feeling of togetherness but this time also for my son. Life couldn’t have been better without our son.

Friday, 2005 7 a.m.

Rise and Shine. I cant stop beaming with the thought of the Friday night plan to head to Quilla (My favorite hangout) with my fiancĂ© and some close buddies. I rush to get ready to reach office on time without many rituals to do. As I settle in my corner seat of a regular local heading to my office, I plugged in to my Nokia to listen to my favorite song.. “Tu hi re tere bina main kaise jiyun…. “. I could not just hide my blush thinking about the love of my life. At that point of my life there was nothing I wanted more.

Me 2

Saturday, 2000 8 p.m.

Balmy and Joyous.  All dolled-up for the much awaited house party at my close friend’s place. The mood at the party is in high spirits. In the middle of chattering and laughter, with a sudden gush of wind came a heavy unseasonal downpour. It mesmerized me and I made my way to the terrace to dance in the rain. One by one all my friends were out soaking up. A friend started strumming my all time favorite number, “Tu.. tu hai wahi.. dil ne jisse apna kaha..”.  The mood set was perfect for me to long for my better half, whom I was yet to meet. At that time in my life it was all I wanted.

Saturday, 2012 8 p.m.

Balmy and Joyous. My better half is running a hot shower for my little one. I vaguely browse through my playlist on my ipod and stumble upon .. “Tu.. tu hai wahi.. dil ne jisse apna kaha..” and I know I just have to play this now. I fix it to my home theater and the house rocks to the tune. The magic of the beautiful song made me join them engaging all three of us in an impromptu dance under the shower. The feeling of belonging is overwhelming. Life couldn’t have been better than this.

How life changes, and we all hope it’s for better. Change is inevitable and we should not try to avoid neither surpass it. Everything seems to be right at its time and age. To live every phase of life to the fullest is how we can enjoy it the most and truly experience the phenomenon of growing up!


  1. Amazing post. I liked the theme and style of writing. You guys are getting better with each new entry :). Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Creative writing of inner feelings which one normally takes for granted but you are able to preserve it like a leaf flowing on the river.....unruffled by ebbs and flows....

    1. Thank you so much sir for your encouraging words..

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  4. Loved this one. I realised that even my passwords are now they are related to my child. This transition was of additional love to shower and to get. I wonder how the next transition would be when they are all grown up.

  5. I agree with u Poornima, we don't even realise how all things just start getting related with our kids. This transition was a very smooth one so we can just hope the same for the next transition also ;)