Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cure from your Kitchen

Today through this blog we would like to share some tips, which you may apply for common ailments before taking your child to the doctor for further treatment.

Common Cold & Cough
  1. Roast turmeric powder in little amount of ghee (You may prepare this and use it upto 15 days). Grind ajwain separately (this also you may store). Mix 1/4th teaspoon of roasted turmeric and 1/4th teaspoon of ground ajwain with honey or water and give this 2-3 times in a day.
  2. 1/4th teaspoon of roasted turmeric mixed with warm cup of milk (sugar may be added as per the child’s requirement). Give once in a day preferably before sleeping.
  3. Extract ½ lemon juice, add a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper, to this add 1 teaspoon of warm ghee. Mix it well and give it 2-3 times in a day.
  4. Take 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds and mix it with 200 ml of water. Boil the mixture till it is less than half. Filter and cool it. Give 1 tablespoon of the cooled mixture (honey or sugar may be added) 2-3 times in a day.
  5. Take 2 well-cleaned betel leaves and boil it with 200 ml of water. Boil the mixture till it is less than half. Filter and cool it. Give 2 tablespoon of the cooled mixture (honey or sugar may be added) 2-3 times in a day. You may also add 2 cloves while boiling.
  6. For very young infants who cannot be given any of the above remedies you may prepare this oil for massaging. Take half cup of mustard oil in a heating pan add crushed 1’’ ginger root, 2 teaspoon ajwain and 3-4 crushed garlic cloves. Heat all the ingredients until dark brown. Filter and cool it. Store this in a small bottle. Warm a little portion of this oil and just before going to bed apply it on the chest, throat, behind the ears, and soles of the feet. This should NOT be applied if the child has fever.

Stomach Ailments

  1. Stomachache and loose motions: Take the crushed ginger juice. Dip small piece of cotton in the juice and place it on the navel while the child is sleeping.
  2.  Loose motions for toddlers: mix 1/4th teaspoon of ground fenugreek (methi) seeds with honey or water and give this 2 times in a day.
  3. Stomachache and gas: Mix a pinch of asafetida (hing) in 1 spoon of warm water. Apply this in circular motion around child’s navel.

Minor Burns and Injuries

  1. Burns: The most essential item to be kept at home for burns is Doctor’s Spirit. Pour it over the burn. It has cooling effect. Don’t pour water/cold water over burns for long time. You may also apply toothpaste on the affected area.
  2. Minor cuts: Jatyadi oil (Available at chemist) may be used for healing the minor cuts and bruises. Just apply on the affected area 2-3 times a day. It doesn’t leave any scar on the skin.
  3. For pain in the limbs you may try the massage oil mentioned in point 6 of common cough and cold.
  4. For internal injuries: 1/4th teaspoon of roasted turmeric powder mixed with a cup of warm milk may be given once in a day.

And last but not the least the secret ingredient added to the above remedies for your little ones is an extra dose of kisses, hugs and love. Remember a parents’ touch has highest healing powers.

This is first of our “Cure from your Kitchen” series. We will keep updating more in the coming posts. In case you need any further information on any specific ailment, please feel free to contact us. We will try to share more of our experiences with these home cures.

Disclaimer: Kindly check your child for any allergy to the above-mentioned ingredients. Also don’t try all the remedies at once.


  1. Great post. Taking nature's help in curing oneself is without any side-effects and fine-prints. It is also an effective way to appreciate nature and her great benevolence.

  2. Wooh! This is incredible effort. Not many of us are fortunate to have generations' old wisdom being passed on to us and you guys have done it in such a crisp way. This post is surely for keeps :) Thanks gals, I shall share the link with my friends too.

  3. Thanks Trupti and Anurag bhai for putting in ur comments. I should most importantly thank my mother and my two co-sisters who keep sharing these remedies with me.

  4. Nice Post.
    Now, we know whom to call when in distress.

    1. Thanks poornima.. You can call just anytime :)