Friday, 21 September 2012


The giggling fades in the background as the swarthy clouds gather right ahead of us and little drops of heaven sprinkle on my windscreen.
I hear little yelping of cheer with the drizzle falling on our angels faces, “Mamma its drizzlinggg” and the cheer is infectious. Suddenly its all quite and each lost in their own space maybe thinking varied. I hear a little sweet voice singing and my hands froze on the steering listening to the words, “ MERI HALKAT JAWANI..”. Through the rear view my eyes met my friends eyes whose daughter had just broken the silence with her little jig.
I saw a sense of pride in her eyes for her daughter and she left no time in mentioning her daughter’s mastery over such ITEM songs.
Shocked and appalled I almost missed my turning point, still gathering my wits to what just struck me. Is it just me or the world has lost the innocence of a 3 year old to such vulgarity? Believe me it wasn’t cute neither pleasing.
My worst fear were the questions MY 3 YEAR OLD, who is not had such exposure, would ask me. Did I have an answer? I guess no. I wasn’t prepared and thought that the world was same with the innocence intact.
Do we want our little ones to objectify their bodies? Is this should be their anthem in growing up years? Is it ok for the parents to let their kids get away with what they say?
I surely am not. And I am thoroughly appalled as the singing in the car just doesn’t stop!!!!

Still shuddering with the thought, Mother No. 2
(Awaiting an experience from Mother No. 1)

Sitting at the back of the car, gazing outside the rainy afternoon ahead of us I was thinking to myself about the lovely afternoon lunch shared with my son and his friends and their beloved mommies. How wonderful it was to hear the chattering of the little sweet voices talking n singing their rhymes as we mommies couldn’t help but admire the little angels seated besides us.
I was unwittingly distracted from my thought by singing of the little girl next to me with her mommy. The song…. Latest on the chart buster was on the tip of her tongue like she’d been known it long. My face numbed as I reached out to cover my little boy’s ears so as to stop him listening to such an expletive song.
I silently prayed he never heard it so I could be saved from the agony of explaining him the meaning of the words so innocently chanted by his friend. Thankfully all he could muster in surprise was “mamma what is she singing?” and like my prayers answered I thank God for the monitored tv time he is allotted and his minimal exposure to hindi language as of now.
My sanity is all lost at such unawareness of parents to push their children in watching or listening anything beyond their age n little minds can process. Why not channelize such tender minds to positivity and sensibility they demand instead of the “jawanis” (Sheila or halkat or badnaam) the AVs rant about.
Is this how we endeavour our little ones to grow up? Is this their food for thought? It’s not just appalling but also sad that the kids are forced into a time leap.
The car pulled up in the garage and I look at mommy no.2 frozen behind the wheel trying to grasp what struck her.. and I knew at once we were on the same level thinking about the song so innocently sung now but the impact it could leave.
Still Numb with Thought                                                                                                                                  Mommy No.1

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